Sugar & Spice 
& all that's nice
Our Story
        My girls love pretty things on their hair. Unfortunately they have a whole mirror cabinet full of hair accessories but still not much that were suitable for school. And definately nothing interesting or pretty!
       I walked through all the shops I could think of that would possibly sell hair accessories and struggled to find anything in their school colours that they could wear to school. Out of my frustration,  mySchool hair was born.
       We hope to provide parents and girls an easy, fun, and exciting way to dress up their hair for school. We love being creative and coming up with new ideas so keep checking our website and facebook page for new addition to your school hair collection. We hope you have an enjoyable experience, and Happy School Hair Days! 
From our home to yours,
stands for:
  • respect for school colours 
  • girls enjoying and having fun with their hair 
  • giving back to the schools